OM2019A: ALIENS Extraterrestrials - USB THUMB DRIVE

With Aliens on TV like never before, ALIENS Extraterrestrials gives Halloween decorators an ET Alien themed fx series, for that other worldly illusion. 1 - 5 Aliens walk in fog, peer at you with a UFO in the background, they even fly in a UFO. Aliens will appear to be walking in your house, and looking out the window. There are Aliens in Area 51 containment chambers, standing in high tech spacecraft interiors. There are very wide view scenes, and close up scenes, variety designed to fit all window sizes, on up to large movie screens. Contains 25 FX including select Vertical Scenes [sideways flipped] for thin windows, and a couple bonus Christmas Themed Alien fx.

Aliens Extraterrestrial USB THUMB DRIVE