OM2019F: Skeleton Invaders - USB THUMB DRIVE


Skeleton Invaders is designed primarily for Massive Scale Illusions, using a commercial 4000+ Lumen Video Projector [for the largest scenes]. 100 Skeletons can be projected on the side of a building, and appear to be crawling up the side. Using 1500-2000 lumen projectors you can project smaller groups of skeletons on interior walls, or smaller walls and garage doors. Included are several scenes with Skeletons Wreaking Havoc inside a room, knocking things over, attacking a person in a room and knocking him to the floor. Even smashing out a window. Outrageous Media's Virtual 3D fx versions are also included to give your Graveyard set thee #1 Coolest Effect you ever saw. Using a 4000+ lumen projector you can create a 3D graveyard with skeletons, ghouls, cats, ghosts walking/crawling in the yard or floor, below a 10-20 foot viewing point such as a deck or balcony. [no 3D glasses needed to see the effect]. Smaller Scale 3DSkeletons are also included for garage floor sized areas. 25 FX.

Skeleton Invaders - USB THUMB DRIVE HD