OM2019D: Spirits of Darkness - USB THUMB DRIVE ****

Skeleton Ghosts and Human Ghosts move about the screen in 3D, flying, floating and walking across a variety of backgrounds including Black, Foggy, Room Interior, and Exterior Scenes. This 35 Scene FX pack will give you a variety of choices of Ghost Characters, motions, and size of scene. A specific feature of this product is a parade of 30 marching Skeleton Ghosts that can be used for Outdoor Haunts on rear screen placed in a Field or Woods. Single Ghosts haunt some of the scenes, and large groups of Ghosts float in a Cemetery, or walk towards you bringing a magical storm behind them. Spirits of Darkness FX come in very wide view scenes, and close up scenes, to fit all window sizes, wall projecting, on up to large movie screens. Includes select Vertical Scenes [sideways flipped] for thin windows. Included also is a bonus scene with Skeleton Ghosts Walking across a bridge for a Fantasy Dungeon look.

Spirits of Darkness - USB THUMB DRIVE HD