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HOW ARE PRODUCTS ARRANGED??? ALL USB drives, DVDS and Video PROJECTORS are found together on the shop page. When you buy Physical Products, you pay on THIS SITE. Downloads are NOT in the store.



Click on the BUY NOW under FX Pictures to purchase MPEG4 file versions of the FX Product. Purchases for downloads are done separately from DVDs, on our Payloadz-Holiday Projection Site [for technical reasons]. NOTE: Downloads are LOWER in price than DVDs because they require NO STAFF LABOR to fill your order. When you order you will make your purchase, then receive an email link, you click on it, and open up a page of the Digital Files to Download. We suggest downloading 4 at a time to avoid Crashing your PC. Then download more, until you have them all. ALL FILES ARE COPYRIGHTED, please don't share them, they are for your personal use only!




NEW IN 2019!!!

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Get Single Effects for $5.00 at the 

singles downloads page, sample each clip and purchase downloads there.

Snakes, Rats and Spiders mini pack bargain


Download Files for just $5.09 and get 3D Spiders, Snakes and Rats


CGI Ghosts float around ON A BLACK BACKGROUND, for use with Peppers Ghost, Windows, Walls and on Black Scrim in Outdoor Cemetaries, like shown in the photo to the left. 

Download $25.00



CGI Ghosts float around in a variety of Graveyards, meant for Back Wall, or Movie Screen type projection to make the "horizon" view at the end of a Cemetery.

Download $25.00

THE GHOULS: $29.00 on DVD with full color cover. Ghouls is a Horrific series of Bloody and Scary Ghouls, who stalk about, pound windows. 25+ Scenes, 1-30 Ghouls.

Download $25.00

DEADWALKERS: $29.00  on DVD with Full Color Cover. Walking Dead type Zombies who stalk about, pound on windows. 20+ Scenes with 1 - 10 Deadwalkers. 

Download $25.00

PROFX Video Projector and 9+ Visual Effects Clips included on a USB Thumbdrive. 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas. This Projector is a JON HYERS MORRIS COSTUMES feature Product: $160.00

PROFX Video Projector additional video effects on USB - for $39.00 or via Digital Download. 13 more FX files, click the picture to see full information.

Download the files for $35.09 right here

Download $25.00

VIRTUAL 3D SNAKES: $10.00 Digital Download Only - Make the Illusion of 3D Snakes that crawl on a cement floor, table, white sheetrock, foamboard. View at an angle, like seen in the photo, it does look 3D.


SAMPLE Go ahead and give it a try on your floor or table. This Product has a Free Trial Sample, so you can test it out first.


$10.00  2016 - 3D SNAKES:  2, 3, AND 4... 3D Snakes Appear and crawl out of view

GHOSTLY GIRL: $10.00 Digital Download Only


Talks in a spooky voice then morphs scary, hisses and fades away.

Download $10.00




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CRAWLING SKELETONS: $40.00 DVD version. Huge and Large Scenes of Skeletons that climb walls, a stunning effect. 12 Scenes, repeated with soft spotlight effect. Project on Wall, Roof, Buildings for a HUGE Virtual Reality Experience.

a Stan 3D


Download $30.09


floats around the darkness emitting vapor and ectoplasm as she moves around, and GRABS at you in some sections. This Download Pack Contains a Vertical and Horizontal Version, plus a number of other versions with Fog Backgrounds, and variations on the Brightness of the Ghost, 4 Different Scenes

Demo  Video Coming as soon as


2016 -Spooky

Ghost Woman

Download $10.00


Ghosts Float inside a variety of Library Rooms, with a Girl at a Desk in several of the scenes. For creating the illusion of a Haunted Library, 10 Scenes for your walls and windows.

Download $20.00


BATS: $25.00

Bats fly in a field, inside a Room, Fog, and from Holes in a Wall.

9 different scenes, 3 - 40 bats for many Halloween uses.

Download $15.00


BURNING SCREAMING HEADS: $15.00  1 - 5 Burning Heads fly out of the darkness, or fire to give that "right out of Hell" scary element. Quite Fun actually!

Download $10.00


THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM: $30.00   A Man and Woman get sliced into a bloody smear all over the Virtual Glass. A recreation of the old movie of the same title. Again, great fun!


Zombie Kids walk in a variety of Graveyards, Rooms and Fog. They also grab and eat people and walk in a burning room. 

Download $10.00


DARK ANGEL: $25.00

This Magical Dark Angel flys in darkness, emerges from a Cemetery, 5 different angle looks, multiple movements.



Another custom effects job, we now sell to the public. The Witch is a Supreme Product, many different witch scenes, 1+ witches, doing spells, and flying around on a broom. 

Download $25.00


SCARY FACES 2: $15.00

Various Scary and Burning Face Morphs of our popular characters add a new twist to scary and freaky characters.

Download $10.00


A compliment to our 2006 Ghost Boys DVD, Ghost Girls is much more advanced, with many variations of Ghost Girls FX.

Download $10.00



Based on the 1980's movie, Firststarter Video features a number of scenes with this spooky girl starting fires, and standing in a burning room. 

Download $10.00



Updated 2020, Now 17 FX including a custom candle effect, single and multiple candles floating inside blackness, or castle interiors, or against a stone wall. And a couple of Bonus Wizard Scenes from Magic and Wizards, 2012. MP4 Video, SD, 4:3 image size. 


REAL RATS: $20.00

Taken from Projection FX 1, these rats are meant for floor projection, Virtual 3D and normal. As these were the most popular effect from FX1, they are sold by themselves.

Download $15.00

This Demo video only shows one of the shots, because I have not completed a full demo. Don't know when...

Download $10.00


Inspired by various Pirate Movies, a Ghost Pirate appears in many different forms, inside a ship, against black, and outside with a Ghost Ship behind him.

Download $10.00 

Download $5.00



Wide, Medium and Close-up routines of a Scary Clown, ranging from Comical to Meniacal in actions.

Download $10.00


WOLF and MONSTERS: $15.00

Top Quality Creature Make-up resulted in 8+ FX with a Wolf, Possessed Deer and other Monster Creatures in Fog and Black Bacground.


SKULLS GOOFY DECOR: $15.00: A series of CGI Skulls move around the screen, with Goofy Eyes. This animations is a Halloween Decoration Video, mean to be NOT scary. 


TRICKER TREATERS GAG: $20.00, a very fun Front Door Gag for "Year Around" video projection fun. People appear to be knocking at your "Front Door", only to end up opening the Door into Terror. Great Fun.



Based on many of the Invisible Man movies, you get a variety of scenes with fog, room and black backgrounds, with the Invisible

Man walking about.  

Download $10


EYES: $20.00  A variety of 1 - 20 eyes fly and appear in a variety of backgrounds, for adding spooky eyes to a scene or window view in a building

Buy Custom made Huge Spider Webs here