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Discount Deals of Several DVDs sold as a Group

- Save a lot of money, and get a great deal on a combo pack. Some DVDs go together by theme, so we are offering them as a group, giving you more effects to use for a lower price. This page outlines the deals, these items are all in our store. Click the STORE buttons to purchase. 

Projected Reality 2 How To DVD, packaged with Walking Skeletons and Ghostly Spirits DVDs. Projected Reality 2 is a valuable guide to doing outdoor Scrim Projection. Scrim remains as one of the best methods for making a holograms appear outside at night. Wall projection is also another great way of creating the background scene of a graveyard. Because the DVDs Skeletons and Spirits both contain FX Chapters that work with these techniques, this special package gives you PR2 with Walking Skeletons and Ghostly Spirits, instead of the 5 years old, FX2.


Giant Spiders [2015], packaged with Spiders Snakes and Bats + Bugs + Rats + Bats [2014] FIVE DVDs. Get all five of our Crawling Creatures DVDs available as of now, for a nice discount. These DVDs would add up to more than $175 separately. Note that DVDs will come in OUR choice of Combo Cases, and will not come with Five Printed DVD cover cases. 

$100 for all FIVE!!!

JUST $300

Here are the Demo Videos which show you everything you will get

Grave Yards Special Projection and How To

Massive DVD Set.


10 DVD set Special Deal, containing the entire collection of Jon Hyers Visual Effect's:  Graveyard Projection Effects, How to Videos made between 2002 and 2015, plus a number of Bonus Effects which come on the DVDs. Graveyards are the number one most central theme to Halloween and Haunted Houses. Jon Hyers has been producing Graveyard Effects as far back as 2002.


The 10 DVD assortment, in a special 10 DVD case, will give you an Armada of Effects to do a lot of different Graveyards Scenes. Includes are these DVDS [note that prices given are for reference on, showing the ORIGINAL DVD's prices. 


1. GraveGhost Riser DVD - Revised in 2015 - $40.00

2. Graveyards with Ghosts $50

3. Virtual3D Graveghosts   $20.00

4. Projected Reality 2 How To $150

5. -comes with Projection FX 2 with Graveyard FX and more 

6. Spirits in Cemetery, Graveyard Background scenes $35

7. Fog Chiller and Ground/Grave Ghoul How to and FX $22

8. Walking Skeletons DVD - contains some Graveyard FX $35

9. Projected Reality 1 [goes along with PR2 as a How To set]  -$150

10. Projection FX 1.


Original Prices as Singles is $502.00, GET IT HERE FOR JUST $300 plus shipping.


Plus get Online Access to Projected Reality 3 How to which corresponds to the Projected Reality series


Notice: Because of this Super $$$ Deal, we reserve the right to include SOME DVDs in Pure Silver Un-Professional Text printed Surfaces, similar to what Large Discount Movie DVD packs do. This is non negotiable. Note that it is thee effect you are buying, NOT the DVD printing. Some DVDs WILL come in plain silver tops with no printed label. 

The Haunting Music

Collection by

Outrageous Media


Volume 1 Halloween 

Music by Jim Stevens

$5.00 for full CD as MP3 tracks. 






by Jim 







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