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Giant Spider CGI DVD: This DVD contains 40+ Chapters of different variations of a Giant Spider Crawling on a Web, Walls and Floors. You can fill a large window or floor with this Giant Spider. Very Creepy


The Haunting Portraits 2 DVD set, contains more than 70 Haunted Painting effects, split between DVD 1 with a Man and DVD 2 with a Girl. This product is a VERY good deal for the money, as the choices are great. Portraits Stare, Talk to you, Walk out of the painting, and Morph into Scary Faces or Skulls, and even feature versions with Window Glass so you can use them on a Mirror, or in a house window. Furthermore the paintings have versions filmed 90 degrees, for Portrait TVs-Video Projections, or tall thin windows or mirrors. Finally most of the sequences are repeated in normal and 90 inside actual Picture Frames, so the Video and the Frame get projected onto a wall. If that not enough, Blacklight and Ghostly Versions are also on these DVDs.

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Double DVD set Sample of Jon Hyers Visual Effects from 2004-2011 44 FX for Windows and Floors. Good way to Sample 25 Different DVDs, with these two samplers. Try different FX at your Haunt

Skeleton Invasion gives you more than 40 effects with a Skeleton or many Skeletons to project in Windows, Rear Screen, Walls, Scrim, Doors and Graveyards for a variety of bonely fun and illusions. 

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Jon Hyers In-Depth Course on Video Projection methods for Holidays and Haunted Attractions, and Theatrical Scenes. This DVD contains the CORE methods for working with video projectors, and is considered a fundamental knowledge base for doing effective video projection illusions. It features Virtual 3D, which is Projected Video that appears to be 3D without the use of any glasses. It also covers projection effects on walls, ceilings and floors, OutDoor Hayride Woods effects, sets, lighting, and fine tuning of the projected image.

This video set is a primarily a how to and references a number of Virtual Effects DVDs sold separately, such as Spiders Snakes and Bats. However a 2nd DVD, Projection FX1 is included giving you a number of the effects to use. Included in this DVD is a chapter about Jon Hyers Visual Effects on-location installation of 12 video effects at a Horror Museum in St. Petersburg Russia.

Projection FX 1 DVD, (included) Contains, Ghost Opening a door and walking out, Ghost(s) walking up a stair case, Virtual Rats on the Floor, Luminous Ghosts, Cat Ghosts, Grim Reaper, Fire, Ghost from the Wall, various Human Ghosts, Flood Water. Projection FX Volume 1 also contains "some" of the Ghost Effects demonstrated in the 2004-2005 Ghost Machines How To Video Series. 

Projected Reality is

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Projected Reality 2, continues with Jon Hyers educational series on Video Projection Illusions, with a number of additional Scene Concepts, including a lot of material on Scrim and Screen projections both inside and outside. Virtual 3D Crawling Ghouls in fog, and cemetery projections are explored in great detail. Although Projected Reality 2 comes with an Effects DVD [Projection FX 2, made in 2010], any of Hyers Effects DVDs made since 2010, can be used with the methods explained in this valuable How To DVD. 


Projection FX two DVDs are sold together as a set. Special effects for haunts, home haunters, and theme parks. The youtube gives a brief overview of the contents. 

Projected Reality 2

is offered now for a discounted price of


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